Sam Gallucci is our guest on this podcast.  T. Randolph talks with Sam about the incredible story of financial, social and material wealth, climbing the corporate ladder, while watching his life and family crumble around him.   He reached rock bottom and then…something changed. You can e-mail Sam by clicking HERE.

Find out more about the The Harbor Church and The Kingdom Center.

Photos from feeding the Homeless at The Harbor Church.

Letter from people who have been changed through their ministry.

T. Randolph visits with Laina Graf to discuss “Relationships and Their Importance.” Raised in Europe and the US she has a lot to say about life’s trials – depression, anxiety, fear and the cost of loving others – listen in as she describes some of life’s truths learned by her along the path of life. As a relationship speaker and consultant to life groups she has some wisdom to share about marriage, children, friends and strangers. She explains why “hope” is present even when you feel you can’t go on!  You can e-mail Laina by clicking HERE.

Photos from our visit with Laina.

T. Randolph takes this podcast time, to share his incredible, challenging and ultimately, life changing story of his growing up years in Pennsylvania.  So many families appear all put together on the outside, but inside there are deep hurts, secrets and challenges.  Listen how T. Randolph faced those challenges, fears and found peace and victory through it all.

Photos of T. Randolph and Debbie.

T. Randolph’s vision and desire for his blog and Podcast come from his heart.  This Podcast is about real people with real stories, challenges and victories.  It is about hope, faith, relationships and friendships.  In life, we spend too much time worrying about what others think.  In a world that is self-absorbed, we learn to self-medicate to cover up pain.

T. Randolph and Friends is about opening up a dialogue between ordinary people.  Not celebrities, famous politicians, or entertainment stars.  It is about local heroes and regular families who have navigated challenging situations, and through it all have found meaning and purpose in life.

Join us and listen in on the conversation.