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T Today on the T. © T. Randolph and Friends | Lawrence Media | Michell Wortner | Depression | Robin Williams Randolph and Friends broadcast T. Randolph talks with Michelle Wortner, a marriage and family therapist, about “Facing Depression.”  Many people face rejection, dissappointment, sadness, loneliness and depression.  Depression can lead to very serious health and mental issues, and is some cases even to suicide and death.  We see this all around us in our world with celebrities like Robin Williams, Chris Farley, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Whitney Houston, Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Monroe, Ernest Hemingway and many others.


Depression is Real

A recent article in theGuardian about the late actor Robin Williams says that,

It may well be that some of us are more vulnerable than others to feeling desperate, but this is likely to be a result of things that have happened in our lives rather than, or perhaps sometimes in addition to, our genetic makeup. All we really know is that people sometimes feel or act in certain ways. The rest is down to interpretation.

In a recent article in Relevant Magazine by Brandon Peach entitled, 5 Things Christians Should Know about Depression, the author talks about depression in the church.

Churches often don’t address mental illness, which gives the worship team guitarist or the elder even more incentive to keep it hidden away. Furthermore, the symptoms of depression often tend to contradict each other, which makes it really difficult for a person suffering from depression to recognize it for what it is—let alone for the Church to recognize it.

Depression is Crippling

Depression is a crippling and debilitating making people feel helpless and out of control. Only through a good family support system, a great counselor and through God’s grace can people see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Depression Can Be Overcome

In this broadcast of T. Randolph and Friends, T. Randolph talks with Michelle about how to walk out of depression, how to recognize it, how to get help and how to help others.  They also talk about how God is there to guide us out of this depression and into a place of light and joy.

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Photos from our visit with Michelle Wortner.