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© T. Randolph and Friends | Lawrence Media | God's Love vs Man's Love

Please join us for this very special “live event” of the T. Randolph and Friends broadcast. Recording at the Graf Barn in Southern California, we invited special guests, Michelle Wortner, Laina Graf, Don Dukes and Sam Gallucci to join in on the conversational topic of, “God’s Love vs Man’s Love.”

This was an incredible time of enlightened discussion about how it is difficult to love others, ourselves and those around us unconditionally. Yet we can experience and learn to accept this kind of love, given freely from our Creator, even in ups and downs of our journey hear on earth. We hope that this broadcast will touch the lives of those listening, to bring hope, peace, strength and encouragement.

You can reach any of our guests on the broadcast by clicking on their name below.

Photos from our visit with the T. Randolph and Friends “Live Event” with Guests, Michelle Wortner, Laina Graf, Don Dukes, and Sam Gallucci.

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© T. Randolph and Friends | Lawrence Media | Terry Paulson

Terry Paulson, author, conference speaker, and syndicated columnist for the Ventura County Star newspaper is our guest on the T. Randolph and Friends podcast. You can find out more about Terry on his website

Terry Paulson is a PhD psychologist and a leading authority on change management and in turning positive psychology research into practical insights that produce real-world results. He’s a national columnist and author of the new book, The Optimism Advantage: 50 Simple Truths to Transform Your Attitudes and Actions into Results. He’s brought us practical, easy-reading insights in books such as They Shoot Managers Don’t They, Leadership Truths One Story at a Time, Making Humor Work, and 50 Tips for Speaking Like a Pro. For more than 30 years, Dr. Paulson has been helping audiences transform their self-limiting beliefs into self-fulfilling breakthroughs to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Terry has served many corporate clients in leadership and staff development including; 3M, Boeing, Federal Reserve Bank, FINRA, HBO, Honda, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, KPMG, Merck, NASA, Nintendo, SBC, Sony, Starbucks, Verizon, and Wal-Mart, as well as hundreds of organizations, hospitals, government agencies, and associations.

You can reach Terry at Paulson and Associates at: [email protected]

Photos from our visit with Terry.

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© T. Randolph and Friends | Lawrence Media | Michelle Wortner

Michelle Wortner, is a Marriage and Family Therapist at Kairos Counseling Center, and is our special guest on this episode, as we discuss, “The Core Emotional Needs of Human Beings.”

Michelle has made her life’s career about understanding relationships.  For more than 15 years Michelle worked as an anchor and reporter for NBC-TV, watching human tragedy alongside triumph, and seeing challenges and perseverance lead to accomplishment.  In the years following she moved to leadership development and helped coach corporate employees and their companies to growth and success.  Michelle completed her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and expanded her outreach to include individuals and couples seeking personal understanding and improved functioning — often through transitions and changes they did not anticipate.  She completed an emphasis in adolescent therapy and has helped students throughout the Conejo Valley deal with issues such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, social skills awareness, addictions, eating disorders, and cutting.   As an interactive therapist, Michelle uses solution-focused therapy and practical feedback to help clients address current life challenges and long-standing issues.  She partners with clients to help them develop the strengths and skills necessary to achieve their personal goals.  A wife and mother-of two, Michelle believes that healthy self-esteem and solid relationships are two of life’s most rewarding gifts.

You can reach Michelle at her business at:  [email protected]

Photos from our visit with Michelle.

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JJenny and Guermo are our special guests on this episode, as we discuss, “Hope Never Fails – A Journey from Addiction to Recovery.” We are also joined by Pastor Sam Gallucci, pastor of the Harbor Community Church in Ventura, California.

Where do you go when you are in heroin addiction for 15 years? Living on the streets with no food and all you can do is lie to survive. Listen in as they tell their improbable story of recovery, hope and inspiration!


Photos from our visit with Jenny & Guermo.

Sam Gallucci is our guest on this podcast.  T. Randolph talks with Sam about the incredible story of financial, social and material wealth, climbing the corporate ladder, while watching his life and family crumble around him.   He reached rock bottom and then…something changed. You can e-mail Sam by clicking HERE.

Find out more about the The Harbor Church and The Kingdom Center.

Photos from feeding the Homeless at The Harbor Church.

Letter from people who have been changed through their ministry.

T. Randolph visits with Laina Graf to discuss “Relationships and Their Importance.” Raised in Europe and the US she has a lot to say about life’s trials – depression, anxiety, fear and the cost of loving others – listen in as she describes some of life’s truths learned by her along the path of life. As a relationship speaker and consultant to life groups she has some wisdom to share about marriage, children, friends and strangers. She explains why “hope” is present even when you feel you can’t go on!  You can e-mail Laina by clicking HERE.

Photos from our visit with Laina.

T. Randolph’s vision and desire for his blog and Podcast come from his heart.  This Podcast is about real people with real stories, challenges and victories.  It is about hope, faith, relationships and friendships.  In life, we spend too much time worrying about what others think.  In a world that is self-absorbed, we learn to self-medicate to cover up pain.

T. Randolph and Friends is about opening up a dialogue between ordinary people.  Not celebrities, famous politicians, or entertainment stars.  It is about local heroes and regular families who have navigated challenging situations, and through it all have found meaning and purpose in life.

Join us and listen in on the conversation.